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  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse

    Mental Health and Substance Abuse Drugs and alcohol abuse are common problems. Like an addiction, it’s a problem that you cannot solve on your own. It affects your physical, mental well-being, your family and friends, hurting the people you love and care for the most. Fighting addiction on your...

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  • Family Counseling

    Family Therapy supports the entire family system to live in harmony with one another. It is used to assist children and youth to adjust to life struggles as a unit. It is also used to assist children and youth to adjust to placements in foster care and adoptive homes...

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  • Couples Counseling

    Couples counseling is helping couples learn to deal more effectively with problems and can help prevent small problems from becoming serious. Couples counseling is used in resolving personal conflicts and emotional problems. Research shows that couples counseling, when effective, tends to improve a person’s physical as well as mental health’s...

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  • Addiction Issues

    Addiction comes in many forms (substances, food, sex, etc). When someone develops an addiction, rarely is it due to the addictiveness of the substance alone. There is a comfort that comes from indulgence. The beginning of addiction is pleasure. While not inherently bad, too much in the way...

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  • Domestic Abuse and Violence

    When people think of domestic abuse, they often focus on domestic violence. But domestic abuse includes any attempt by one person in an intimate relationship or marriage to dominate and control the other. Abuse comes in many forms, verbal, psychological, financial, emotional, and physical. The first step to...

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  • Anxiety Issues

    The most common struggle facing individuals today is anxiety and worry. There is much outside of ourselves that we cannot control and that lack of control creates stress. What makes anxiety so insidious is that it can have many triggers and those triggers create real physiological responses. Those responses...

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  • Anger Management Issues

    Anger management is a term used to describe the skills you need to recognize that you, or someone else, is becoming angry and take appropriate action to deal with the situation in a positive way. Anger management concerns recognizing the triggers for anger as early as possible and expressing...

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